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But new 1.9 FINAL.jpg

Butterflies Series

These paintings are about transformation, which plays a big part in the magic of the creative proces. It's about awareness, patience and trust, elements that are all required for the process to unfold naturally. About joy, lightness and freedom in creating, about longing and fulfilment.

Colour dance Series

These paintings represent the joyful dance of colours during the painting process. When I started painting I often applied bright hues, mostly straight from the tube. Little did I know. I still love bright colours, but preferably set against an array of more muted ones, which make the bright ones stand out more. I now mix my own often more muted and richer colours. 

AL 1.jpg

African Laughter Series

Africa has made a lasting impression on me and is an important source of inspiration for my work. I need to paint about it. But how? Africa stands for so much. I am at the start of what I expect to be an extended period of deep exploration into what exactly that is, and how to express it. This series is the first step on this journey. 

Scenes of Nature Collage Series

These semi-abstract paintings are collage works on paper which were made on the basis of hikes in the nature areas around my home town. While hiking I sketched and took photos, focusing on the big picture as well as on details/close-ups. On the basis of this source material I painted (elements of) the nature scenes on large sheets of paper. I then tore these sheets into pieces and reassembled them into collage works.

After p1 sketch 1.jpg
16.2 FINAL.jpg


These small paintings were made as mini-series, in pairs or as stand-alone pieces. What binds them is that they are all experimental works that inquire into composition, value, colour, mark making/texture, form and line, rhythm and movement. 


These paintings are snapshots of concertina (harmonica) sketchbooks. Perpetuum refers to the ongoing nature of these paintings due to the seemingly never ending concertina booklets (35 pages to and 35 pages fro, A5 format). As the pages are woven together, the work on each page flows naturally into that on the next. This encourages a free way of working. The paintings in these sketchbooks are explorations which can feed into my paintings. 

(They are not for sale.)

Perpetuum 2.jpg


Honesty 2 Final.jpg


I love plants and trees - their shapes, lines, colours. My love of the honesty plant (in Dutch: Judaskruid) and of sunflowers, especially when they are in a state of decay, prompted me to create small series on both. This Flora category also contains individual paintings and drawings of flowers and crops. All paintings are made with soft pastel, the drawings with charcoal.


Mt Kilimanjaro.jpg

For some time I explored painting landscape with watercolour paint and soft pastel, focusing on the African landscape that I love so much. I will dive back into this for my Africa project that is underway. 


1990 f7 10-1.jpg

Nomadic portraits

During more than two decades of living, working and traveling in East Africa (1989 - 2012) I undertook many trips to remote areas where few tourists come. Instantly fascinated by the astonishing looks of the nomadic people I started photographing them. A collection of portraits of people of the various nomadic tribes was the result, including the Maasai, Pokot, Samburu and Turkana. I am adding them to this website as part of the Africa project I am working on.

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