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Colour dance 5 after ImAdj.jpg

Colour dance Series

These paintings represent the joyful dance in my head as I think of the many colours I like. When I started painting I often applied bright hues, mostly straight from the tube. Little did I know. Nowadays I still love bright colours, but I mix them to make my own colours. I combine brighter colours with more desaturated colours, which makes the bright ones stand out more.

Seasonal Series

These two small seasonal series weren't planned but revealed themselves during the intuitive painting process. They were made in the seasons referred to in the paintings' titles. Currently Spring tide and Summer in the Park are available. All paintings were made using a variety of media. Summer in the Park, the second mini-series, is largely made of collage material; no paint was used, except for the collage papers incorporated in them, which I made using a gel printing plate.

Summer in the park 3.jpg
Afr 1.jpg

African Laughter Series

Africa has made a lasting impression on me and is an important source of inspiration for my work. I need to paint it. But how? Africa stands for so much. I am at the start of what I expect to be an extended period of deep exploration into what exactly that is, and how to express it. The series presented here contains the first step on this journey. 

Scenes of Nature Collage Series

These paintings are collage works on paper which were made on the basis of hikes in the nature areas around my home town. While hiking I sketched and took photos, focusing on the big picture as well as on details/close-ups. On the basis of this source material I painted (elements of) the nature scenes on large sheets of paper. I then tore these into pieces and reassembled them into collage works.

Collage 7bis.jpg


These paintings were made as stand-alone pieces. Yet what binds them together is that they are all experimental works that inquire into composition, value, colour, mark making/texture, form and line, rhythm and movement. 


These paintings are part of concertina (harmonica) sketchbooks. Perpetuum refers to the ongoing nature of concertina booklets (35 pages to and 35 pages fro, A5 format). As the pages are woven together, the work on each page flows naturally into that on the next. This encourages a free way of working. The paintings in these sketchbooks are explorations which can feed into my paintings. 

Perpetuum 2.jpg


Honesty 3.jpg

Honesty series

The honesty plant (in Dutch: Judaskruid), in its ‘extinguished’ state with its tender, very thin and translucent coins-shaped
remains, dangling on feeble branches and carrying the plant’s seeds, put a spell on me. When the sun shines through them they reveal a myriad of bright and subtle colours. It is an amazing sight. This plant taught me to look better and see more. 

Other flora

In this category I combine pastel paintings and drawings of different plants and flowers. Most of them were made on location in a plant nursery in the neighbourhood where crops and flowers are grown, some on the basis of hikes in my environment.  

Lake Baringo.jpg


For these paintings of the African landscape I used water colour and soft pastel. I am still in an exploratory phase of learning to master the water colour medium which I find so beautiful. Interesting enough, while I made no landscape paintings so far in other mediums, I automatically connected the use of water colour to landscape. Pastel landscape then followed.

Bubbly summer 3 - kopie.jpg
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