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African Journey: First Steps

Updated: Mar 15

Last week I talked about a big new painting project that I started, dealing with my past experience of living, working and travelling in Africa. The project focusses on the Great African Rift Valley. I took a number of first steps.

As an important preparatory pillar of the project I am investigating what it is that moved and continues to move me so much about the continent and my experience there. I also took up a photo project, which is another preparatory pillar.

Based on my memory and the photos I have taken my first steps in feeling my way with paint and other mixed media. I created a series of eight small paintings, which I have called African Laughter. It is on this website, and one of them is below.

And this is just the beginning!

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1 Comment

C.M. Lommasson
C.M. Lommasson
Feb 11, 2023

I love where you're going with this project. Very nice work! -- Cindy L.

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